Jaipur Furniture is the leading exporter of solid wood home furnishings from India. We have hundreds of items available Direct Container from our large family-owned factory complex based in the state of Rajasthan in northern India-a region long famed as an important enter for the production of handicrafts. Our company has been a leading presence in the area for the past three decades. A point of pride is the fact that we have been the proud recipient of India's Top Export Award in the Solid Wood category for 10 Years.and counting! Our facilities today consist of approximately 2 million square feet of factory, storage and showroom space. In addition, we have offices and warehouse spaces in the United Kingdom & Germany with a varying selection of our Top-Selling items available domestically. Our talented artisans use a variety of materials, including reclaimed and new woods, metals, found objects and locally woven textiles to fashion these beautiful and useful pieces. In order to continue and expand on India's twin reputations for Environmental Stewardship and respect for the talents of individual artisans, care is taken in the overall design and production process. Reclaimed woods and found objects are used whenever practical-often leaving metal or carved ornamentation and residual vegetable-based paints or stains intact. Fabrics are purchased from local sources-sometimes in deliberately varying designs. Therefore, product photographs and dimensions indicated are intended as representative-only in most cases. Our intention is that each individual item will have its own story to tell as it takes pride of place in a fully realized room setting. Further, any new paints and stains used are certified as ECO-friendly, and any new timber used is harvested responsibly through the Forestry Commission. All accepted standards of fair labor, safety and business practice are strictly adhered to at every step of the production process.. Because of the nature of the various materials used, we recommend cleaning wood and metal items with a dry or slightly plain water dampened lint free cloth-and regular light suction vacuuming of fabric.